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Special Delivery

10" x 12"
Vintage Stamps, old brass post office box, enamel doll, envelopes.
Patti asked me to create a baby card, so I looked around my studio hoping something would inspire me. I had a bunch of interesting old medical books filled with illustrations showing the how and whys, in graphic detail, of pregnancy and the birth process. But Patti reminded me that she was in the business of selling cards, not traumatizing people who were trying to find a clever little card to celebrate a baby's birth. I refused to use storks, big bows, baby bottles or any other cliches on my card. In the end, I used one of the biggest cliches in the book- Special Delivery. But I still think it worked.
Incidentally, please don't use this card to teach your curious young kids about where babies come from just so they'll stop bugging you. If you want, I have some cool old books with pictures I can lend you.