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How to Write the Perfect Love Letter

10" x 12"
Vintage original love letters found at a flea market, pencils.
Patti saw this piece on my other blog and instantly fell in love with it. In fact, she commissioned me to do one for her husband for Valentine's Day with their names carved into the pencils.
She thought it would make a perfect anniversary or "thinking of you" card, and I couldn't agree more. Some of the letters in this piece were written by a gentleman to his wife while he on a battleship in the Pacific during WW2. The letters were so heartfelt and personal I was reluctant to use them. But I felt they deserved a better fate then in a dirty box at some flea market. So to pay homage to this devoted husband and soldier, I decided to create a shadowbox. This should confirm to all those skeptics out there that true love actually does exist.